Managing My Own Health Care

Many changes have taken place on the American health care scene.No longer can we be assured that our health plan will be here tomorrow, or even our doctor, and if our doctor is still practicing, no longer can we be assured our health plan will cover the visits like they did just a few short weeks ago.Like in many areas of our life, freedom of choice has disappeared for Americans. No longer can we drive down the street and pick out a doctor, our choice now has to be approved by some bureaucrat in Washington D.C.Not only that, the level of care has diminished. Doctors are dropping out of the system, some hospitals will not participate in Obama Care, and many prescription drugs are no longer covered.So, what are we to do? Everything has changed, so we must too. Luckily, my health is good and even though I’m approaching seventy years of age, I rarely see a doctor. I attribute that to not only good genes, but also trying to live a healthy lifestyle. My lifestyle probably isn’t perfect. I have never smoked, I have always gotten a fair amount of exercise, and drink very little. I am not and never will be a vegetarian, tried it, didn’t like it, besides that I need meat in my diet, just the way I am.I became more health conscious when in my forties and there hasn’t been any sugar in my house since. I do eat ice cream, cake and other sweets occasionally, everything in moderation is my motto.I have found that when I diet, I only crave what I’m not supposed to have all the more, and sooner or later I will fall off the wagon. By eating anything my body craves, but in smaller portions the need to indulge disappears.With all the new health care rules, we can no longer choose which doctor to see and so on, and the times my wife or I have gone to the doctor, we often get a blank stare like they have no idea what the problem is or how to cure it. If the little piece of paper they get back from some sterile lab doesn’t tell them what to do, they are completely lost.Doctors sometimes search for years to find the cure for some disease that they don’t even know exists. I have found that chiropractors and natural healers can perform more miracles than the most well educated professional doctor.By performing some muscle testing and other exercises, many times the cause and cure can be determined. They still make your visit personal, something missing from conventional medicine.So many times in conventional medicine, you are herded into the office like cattle, quickly checked over and sent on your way with only a poisonous prescription.My grandparents and parents all lived to be in their nineties, never went to a doctor and ate generous portions of eggs, fatty meats, especially bacon, and desserts, but they never had processed food in their diets.When they did get sick, they fixed some herb from the woods and quickly began to feel better. I think they were on to something!I believe we Americans have to once again declare our independence from government control.We have lost much in the last hundred years, we have put our whole life into the hands of government and large institutions that don’t care for us.Many times their only objective is to make money and large amounts of it. There is nothing wrong with someone making money, or even a lot of money, but when that is the only objective then something is wrong.The medical profession is out of control, and even though most doctors really do care about their patients, many times their hands are tied.We need to once again put ourselves in charge of our medical needs, no one cares about you like you do, no one will take care of you like you will, no one else has as much too lose as you do.I have declared my independence for the medical profession, I will still go for my annual checkup, only because I need to so my medicare will remain in force, but that’s as far as it goes., hopefully medicare will sooner or later wake up and cover alternative medicine. Maybe down the road I will need them for something, but unless I break a leg or something, I doubt it.If you learn to listen to your body, it will tell you what it needs to stay healthy, and yes sometimes your body will tell you you do need a hot fudge sundae.I am now in control of my life, especially my health, not some bureaucrat in Washington D.C.Will I die sooner, maybe, but I doubt it. Look how many people have been killed when they have undergone cancer treatment. Look how many people go into a hospital and die from an infection unrelated to what they where admitted for.I am in control of my life, you know what? I feel better already.

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